Two men in flowing

perfectly white, islamic robes

each carrying two white pales 

of white paint 

towards an unmarked Toyota Hiace,

also white

in the industrial park near Taita



A huge cloud of vape

emerging from the tinted window

of a black sedan

into a beam of sunlight

in the megaplex carpark



A miserable Saturday morning

under the motorway off ramps

a guy waiting at a bus-stop

handsome, weathered, lean

of indeterminate age

shoulder length hair

a duffle bag at his feet

the sun appears

beneath the gloom

at the top of the gorge

a beautiful light

suddenly in his hair 

as he stares up the road 

as the river of cars goes past


On the double decker bus

through Berhampore

a cold winter morning

a woman in a pink nightgown

on the deck of her unit

lights a cigarette and grimaces

as the big Rottweiler next to her

looks the other way


On the morning bus into the city 

An uncanny sequence of images

over the course of a minute

A husky in a white window 

the bright aura of ultra violet

around the face of the agent

on the real estate placard

silhouettes of figures shuffling

through the pleas of the afflicted

scratched into glass

at the bus stop

and the homeless man

looking down at his own hands 

and endlessly laughing