Two men in flowing

perfectly white, islamic robes

each carrying two white pales 

of white paint 

towards a Toyota Hiace 

also white

in an industrial park near Taita



A huge cloud of vape

emerging from the tinted window

of a black sedan

into a beam of sunlight

in the megaplex carpark



A miserable Saturday morning

under the motorway off ramps

a guy waiting at a bus-stop


weathered, lean

of indeterminate age

shoulder length hair

a duffle bag at his feet

the sun appears under the gloom

at the top of the gorge

a beautiful light

suddenly in his hair 

as he stares up the road 

in the rush of all the cars

going past


on the double decker

through Berhampore

on a cold winter morning

a woman in a lurid nightgown

and slippers on the deck of her unit

lights a cigarette and grimaces

the big Rottweiler with her

looks the other way

you see some things

from the double decker window